Crystal Light​(​Neon Dreams MIX)

by N/A

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origins of this tune Are still a mystery.

...everyone asks themselves from time to time "do you remember that tune?" sadly the only transmission of the original recording is lost in a labyrinth of static....a hedge maze of garbled signals... but on hand we have a nice secondary mix so ill shut up and pop in this tape..

but do be advised it appears to be recorded on high end prismatic rendering so the volume levels seem to redline please for your comfort and safety adjust your volume accordingly!

this is your loving host at New Paragon radio presenting you hot sounds to rock the desert this evening. the time is 7:57 pm and it's a lovely summer evening.

and congratulations to Mr.Stanford at Jacks Pub good job holding your title on the dart board! now everyone have a lovely night this is D-Hound bringing one final tid bit of news before i press play. it seems silver ore value has went up three points! that's good news for you miner families out there! to see if our intern has recovered his hearing again please adjust that volume knob!

Transcript Date: 7/25/23XX
New Paragon Evening Radio
freq: 150.85
Host: Marceline "D-Hound"
Time of brodcast: 7:57pm-2:30am

New Paragon Bureau Of Broadcasting


released May 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Sinner Fox Studios//MOTHER BASE Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I'm Finally Home Among The Stars

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